Adrenaline Alley

The cultures of so many of our organisations are dominated by a climate of targets and performance management. League tables appear like rashes to try and provide us as consumers with a picture of the success of a school, hospital or police force. In child protection social work this performance management culture pervades all aspects … Read more

Social Tourism

Abstract: Social tourism, or the sponsored provision of holidays for excluded groups, is used in several countries of Western Europe as a way to achieve greater social inclusion. This feature discusses the potential value of social tourism for children and young people who are affected by social exclusion. It reviews the potential benefits of social … Read more

Making Choices : Lucy

It is somewhat scary, not to say deeply worrying, that there are no tests for natural parent-hood and certainly scant preparation. If you want to foster or adopt there are hoops a-plenty to jump through. References, interviews, assessments and training are considered essential. But literally anyone can fall into parenthood. Indeed all the women I … Read more