News: ROSPA press release

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Report puts blind cord dangers in the spotlight. A report which aims to help save children’s lives by highlighting the dangers of looped blind cords and chains is to be released today (July 9).The 30-page paper, by the four UK Chief Medical Officers and organisations including the Department … Read more

News: Left – Handers Day

Left-Handers Day: Helping left handed children in a right-handed world View this release online at: Additional media available: image(s) 13 July 2015. If you have a left-handed child, it’s nice to know that left-handers worldwide will unite on 13th August 2015 to mark International Left-Handers Day with a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the many talents … Read more

News: NHS £22m early dental care bill

Parental knowledge gap leaving NHS with £22m early dental care bill   Parental knowledge gap is placing “entirely preventable” strain on NHS dental services 1 million children aged 8 and under in the UK have never been to the dentist Over 700,000 children aged 8 and under have had at least one filling costing the … Read more

News: ‘One Goal’ Youth programme launched.

‘One Goal’ for youth in London  Young people across London are set to kick off the summer holidays with the ‘One Goal’ programme, a free year-long sports and creative arts programme organised by nine professional football clubs with a £387,000 grant from L&Q housing association. The One Goal programme’s nine partner clubs—Charlton Athletic, Chelsea, Crystal … Read more

Why Love Matters

It’s strange, and when I come to think of it very strange, that it never occurred to me in England or Scotland, and that it was only when I was teaching in Penang, Malaysia that the penny dropped. Just a bit of background: since 2002 (that’s not long after the Webmag began) I have been … Read more

New title for webmag

Dear readers, As I stated in my recent introduction, our aim is to grow the reach and influence of the webmag. The mission of the National Centre for Therapeutic Residential and Foster Care is: ‘to share knowledge about therapeutic residential and foster care for children and young people, and to support the use of reflective … Read more


Dear Readers, It is my pleasure and privilege to inform you that Children Webmag is being transferred into new and very capable hands: the National Centre for Therapeutic Residential and Foster Care, located within the Mulberry Bush School. Having been associated with the Webmag from its very early days (March 2000) as a columnist, and … Read more