Being Alone. By Keith White

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what has been termed “lock-down” in the UK, concepts such as “social distancing” and “self-isolation” have become common parlance.  Over time this has led professionals, academics and clerics to reflect on related words such as alone, loneliness, solitude, solitary, and confinement.  We know that different languages have … Read more

Online Catalogue for Therapeutic Community History Launched. By Nicky Hilton.

archives online

The team at the MB3 Planned Environment Therapy Archives and Special Collections are delighted to announce the launch of the Service’s new online catalogue. For the first time you can independently search our collections from anywhere in the world using your computer, laptop or mobile device. The launch of the catalogue is part of a … Read more

COVID-19 Intensifies The Struggles of Asylum Seekers. By Jade MacRury 

Jade MacRury is a content writer and correspondent for the Immigration Advice Service, an organisation of immigration lawyers. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented levels of disruption and suffering across the board. The death toll continues to rise, businesses are closing and our public services are struggling due to the twin pressures of increased demand … Read more