Building and maintaining the therapeutic structure, and some thoughts on the consultant’s role. By John Burton

In The Handbook of Residential Care (Routledge 1993) I wrote a chapter called “Creating helpful organisation”. It covered buildings, furnishings and decoration, using money, boundaries, public and private space, kitchens, bathrooms and lavatories, food and catering, team and community meetings, supervision, staff support groups, training and development, rotas, routines and habits, smoking, and rituals and celebrations. … Read more

A case study of a child filmmaker from a children’s home. By Edina Fecskó-Pirisi and Nándor Grosch

Artistic techniques in the field of social pedagogy Introduction The personality developmental effects of art, when used to create opportunities and to tackle disadvantages, play an intermediary role between the disciplines and practices of psychology and pedagogy[1]. It provides a good opportunity for children to develop self-awareness, self-regulation, a feeling of self-efficiency and social competence, … Read more

Barbara Dockar-Drysdale: A personal appreciation. By Richard Rollinson

This is the second previously unpublished paper about Barbara Dockar-Drysdale from the 2012 Mulberry Bush AGM. Richard Rollinson was a former Director of The Mulberry Bush School, and is currently Chair of Trustees. Barbara Dockar-Drysdale, “Mrs. D”: The Woman and her writings: A Personal Appreciation By the time Lesley [then my girlfriend and now my … Read more

International Centre News June 2018

A warm welcome to our newest members; Diana Lynch Bodger; Play Therapist, UK Helen Gedge; British Association of Play Therapists. James Anglin; Professor at the School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, Canada. Patrick Reason; Associação Beneficente Encontro com Deus, Brazil. Antony Clements, Childhoodfirst, UK Chris Bennett, Caldecott Foundation, UK Events: The next … Read more

Social Networking and the Education of Children. By Keith White

There can be little doubt that the internet and social networking are transforming our lives individually and collectively.  As individuals there are opportunities to decide and revise our “identities”, and socially we are all potentially globally-connected.  It will be for future historians to assess what effects this is having, how profound and how lasting they … Read more