COVID-19 Intensifies The Struggles of Asylum Seekers. By Jade MacRury 

Jade MacRury is a content writer and correspondent for the Immigration Advice Service, an organisation of immigration lawyers. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented levels of disruption and suffering across the board. The death toll continues to rise, businesses are closing and our public services are struggling due to the twin pressures of increased demand … Read more

From the PET Archive – A Children’s Court for Bullies

The following paper is from The PET Archive, from Special Education: Forward Trends, Vol 9, No.1 which was published in April 1982. The journal still exists but is now called British Journal of Special Education. The NCSE refers to the National Council for Special Education. Thank you to Nicky Hilton and Jen Galloway for unearthing … Read more

From the PET Archive – The family unit at the Cassel Hospital in the late 1960s

The following paper from The PET Archive is from the Cassel Hospital. It looks at the family unit at the Cassel Hospital in the late 1960s. Cassel Hospital is of particular interest in the Archive at the moment, as the collection has just returned from being cleaned by a professional conservation company and has been … Read more