National Centre News: Winter 2015. By John Diamond

Dear Colleagues, A warm welcome to our newest members: the Family Care Group, IDEM living (Merseyside), Hillcrest Steps (Oxon.), Right – Trak (Newcastle) and Valerie Packham, Independent Social Worker. The National Centre is the only free alliance committed to creating dialogue and sharing best practice and research across the residential and fostering sectors. 1.  Children’s … Read more

Therapeutic Communities and Therapeutic Fostering: Similarities and Differences: My Journey. By John Whitwell.

Paper presented at the conference, “Using high quality residential care to meet the real needs of children: from theory to practice”, on Monday 4th October 2010 at the Northern School of Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy, Leeds. John Whitwell was managing director of Integrated Services Programme (ISP) , and formerly principal of thee Cotswold Community. A brief … Read more

Failing Better: Towards dealing with the inevitable mess when trying to help troubled children. By Richard Rollinson.  

Paper given to the Portuguese Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. 17th October 2008. Bom Dia. I am very pleased, and greatly honoured, to have the opportunity to address this gathering on the important subject being covered by the Conference – how, despite our best intentions and efforts, we adults can sometimes have a “disorganising”, and … Read more

Why people come into residential social work and why some stay in it. By John and Marilyn McDonnell

 From Why Care?: A volume of articles on the values underlying residential work, edited by David Lane and Keith White, RCA Annual Review 1980, p. 37-41 If it is not doing too much violence to a useful quotation: “Some people are born residential social workers, others become residential social workers, whilst some have residential work thrust … Read more

Press release: Alfie’s magic hat: Fun at the zoo. Published by Sirenia Books.

PRESS RELEASE For immediate release A  new children’s story book has been published for babies and infants that includes signing, or sign language. Designed for hearing children pre-speech, ‘Alfie’s Magic Hat: Fun at the zoo’, the first in a series, recognises the increasing interest in using ‘signing’ to help babies and infants communicate, pre speech. … Read more