Special Offer on “Leadership in Residential Child Care” by Adrian Ward.

In a special offer for readers of the October issue of The Therapeutic Care Journal,  Adrian Ward and Smokehouse Press are making available copies of his well-reviewed book Leadership in Residential Child Care: a relationship-based approach. This book is unique in offering a detailed account of all aspects of this challenging and demanding leadership role, and … Read more

Building knowledge and skills in the residential workforce. By Vicki Giles.

Research in Practice has 20 years’ experience in supporting organisations, teams and individuals to access, understand and apply evidence in their work with children, young people and families. The recently published Narey Review recommends ongoing investment in the continuous professional development (CPD) of the Residential Care workforce. Research in Practice offers training and resources to … Read more

‘I don’t know’ by Heather Geddes.

Many children underachieve and disengage from education but Young Offenders and Looked After Children continue to cause alarm about their educational performance. They are at the severe end of the performance continuum with an average reading age of 7 for Young Offenders. We know these young people often suffer extreme adversity in terms of social … Read more