The Construction of a Child Reception House in Pangani Town, Tanzania. By Thadei Kamisa

THE PROJECT ON THE CONSTRUCTION OF A CHILD RECEPTION HOUSE IN PANGANI TOWN Project Area Overview Pangani District is one among oldest and least developed districts established since independence. It is located south of TANGA region extending from 5o 15.5S of the Equator to 6Os and from 38O 35E to 39O 00 East of Greenwich, … Read more

Building and maintaining the therapeutic structure, and some thoughts on the consultant’s role. By John Burton

In The Handbook of Residential Care (Routledge 1993) I wrote a chapter called “Creating helpful organisation”. It covered buildings, furnishings and decoration, using money, boundaries, public and private space, kitchens, bathrooms and lavatories, food and catering, team and community meetings, supervision, staff support groups, training and development, rotas, routines and habits, smoking, and rituals and celebrations. … Read more

A case study of a child filmmaker from a children’s home. By Edina Fecskó-Pirisi and Nándor Grosch

Artistic techniques in the field of social pedagogy Introduction The personality developmental effects of art, when used to create opportunities and to tackle disadvantages, play an intermediary role between the disciplines and practices of psychology and pedagogy[1]. It provides a good opportunity for children to develop self-awareness, self-regulation, a feeling of self-efficiency and social competence, … Read more