Book review of ‘A Finchden Experience’ (Author Alan Wendelken). By Dr Chris Hanvey

A Finchden Experience.  By Alan Wendelken. It wasn’t a school, it wasn’t a hospital, it was a “third thing”- an “adventure in living” This was the view of George Lyward, the founder and head of the therapeutic community Finchden Manor, from its origins in the 1930’s until its demise in 1974. Alan Wendelken has every … Read more

Nowhere to turn: How the UK is Failing Destitute and Vulnerable Migrant Children. By Alexandra Jarvis

Migrant families with No Recourse to Public Funds’ (NRPF) are at the mercy of underfunded public services, leaving children trying to cope in the worst of situations. What are the challenges faced and what changes can be made in order to prevent children experiencing destitution? The children of migrants in the UK are finding themselves … Read more