International Centre News June 2018

A warm welcome to our newest members; Diana Lynch Bodger; Play Therapist, UK Helen Gedge; British Association of Play Therapists. James Anglin; Professor at the School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, Canada. Patrick Reason; Associação Beneficente Encontro com Deus, Brazil. Antony Clements, Childhoodfirst, UK Chris Bennett, Caldecott Foundation, UK Events: The next … Read more

Social Networking and the Education of Children. By Keith White

There can be little doubt that the internet and social networking are transforming our lives individually and collectively.  As individuals there are opportunities to decide and revise our “identities”, and socially we are all potentially globally-connected.  It will be for future historians to assess what effects this is having, how profound and how lasting they … Read more

‘Ludoterapia’: A Brazilian Experience. By Helen Gedge  

This article was originally published in British Association of Play Therapists journal ‘Play Therapy Issue 89 Spring 2017, p.14-16. Published here with permission from BAPT and the author It’s Friday 8am and the ‘educadoras’ are gathering for a workshop on ‘ludoterapia’, or play therapy, that I am about to lead. I have spent the week building … Read more

Adolescence in India: An experiential journey. By Swetha Rao and Manab Bose.

INTRODUCTION The World Health Organisation (WHO) has defined the period of adolescence from the age of 10 to 19. Universally, adolescence is seen as an extended period of education and training in preparation for the adult role. Young individuals tend to move out of the parental home and strive to be self-dependent and self-sustaining. Adolescents account … Read more

Delivering therapeutic care to children. By Andrew Smith

All about the legal, political, and organisational context for delivering therapeutic care to children. This article will explore the legal, policy, and organisational context in which therapeutic services for children in care is delivered.  The article is divided in to three parts, exploring themes relevant to each of the contexts; legal, political, and organisational.  The … Read more