International Centre News December 1st 2017

A warm welcome to our newest members: Sarah Walton – Calcot Children’s Services. UK Catherine Milgiewicz – Calcot Children’s Services, UK. Lamin Jallow – Calcot Children’s Services, UK. Bodil Damsgaard – International Association of Social Educators ( Manab Bose – Sukrut Psychotherapy Centre, Parikma Foundation, IIMU, Mumbai, India Natasha Penney – Beechfied Secure Children’s Home, UK Savy Sondhi … Read more

The Gloucestershire Counselling Service Story. By Diana Russell-Carey

Foreword to the GCS story Gloucestershire Counselling Service (GCS), of which I’m Chair of Trustees, was created 40 years ago by a small group of counsellors and therapists who recognised that a local service was needed to meet the mental health needs of the people of Gloucestershire. These founders were very aware of the London-centric … Read more

The rehabilitation of street children in Rwanda. By Chaste Uwihoreye

Groups that create a sense of ‘belonging’ are important in this process; scout camps are being used as venues for the groups. Introduction The camp activities were launched by the executive Director of UYISENGA NI IMANZI on Sunday evening. He welcomed all participants and explained to them objectives the camp intended to achieve. He also … Read more

Supporting children who have been involved in military actions. By Chaste Uwihoreye

Child ex-combatants need psycho-social support and this support is administered to them in 4 phases that include healing phase, building confidence phase, building and strengthening new relations, and lastly a family therapy phase. Healing phase Life in this world is an amalgam of suffering and joy but sometimes the suffering outweigh the joy whether you … Read more

International Centre News October 1st 2017

A warm welcome to our newest members: Sanjeeva de Mel; Founder and Executive Director of SERVE Sri Lanka: Jade Johns; newly appointed as Director of Care at ‘Windows for Children’ UK Pascal Rudin; Researcher, International Federation of Social Workers, Representative to the UN Children’s Rights and Child Protection. Switzerland. Natalia Shalata; Project Manager, Programme … Read more