International Centre News October 1st 2017

A warm welcome to our newest members: Sanjeeva de Mel; Founder and Executive Director of SERVE Sri Lanka: Jade Johns; newly appointed as Director of Care at ‘Windows for Children’ UK Pascal Rudin; Researcher, International Federation of Social Workers, Representative to the UN Children’s Rights and Child Protection. Switzerland. Natalia Shalata; Project Manager, Programme … Read more

Manchester workshops for residential children’s home staff

Following the success of three workshops in Taunton and Preston, Research in Practice are delivering three further research messages workshops to support practitioners and managers in residential children’s homes.  The workshops will focus on: developing relationship-based practice with children in residential care to address risk and support resilience exploring the complexities of child sexual exploitation … Read more

Social Pedagogy: An Invitation / Pocket Book

A great resource on social pedagogy. Reviewers say it’s ‘an excellent introduction to social pedagogy thinking and practice’… ‘A must-have for anyone looking to develop their knowledge and practice around social pedagogy’. Social pedagogy is a body of theory as well as a practical, creative and value-based approach. It is a way of thinking and … Read more

Book Review: By David Lane

Child Sexual Exploitation After Rotherham. By Adele Gladman and Angie Heal Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2017) ISBN   978-1-78592-027-1 As David Greenwood says on the cover blurb, this book is “the defining work on sexual exploitation of children in the UK”, as it contains a considerable amount of valuable guidance on the ways in which child protection … Read more