From the PET Archive – The family unit at the Cassel Hospital in the late 1960s

The following paper from The PET Archive is from the Cassel Hospital. It looks at the family unit at the Cassel Hospital in the late 1960s. Cassel Hospital is of particular interest in the Archive at the moment, as the collection has just returned from being cleaned by a professional conservation company and has been … Read more

Long term foster care as a pathway to ‘permanence’ – messages from practice. By Renuka Jeyarajah-Dent

Renuka Jeyarajah-Dent is Director of Operations at the Coram Centre, London. The guiding principle for all children in care should be to help them achieve ‘permanence’. This is more than a placement; it is everything the child needs to repair from separation and loss and become resilient. I have worked as an educational psychologist in … Read more

Avoiding Family Separation in Child Welfare Practice

Commissioned by Alia, the following analysis of current research assesses the outcomes forchildren and connections to their families, avoiding family separation in child welfare practice: Continuing this edition’s theme of Family Work, this study looks at the unseen costs of foster care. Link to Full Study Link to Research Brief

Developments in Family Work at the Mulberry Bush School. By Jennifer Browner and Stuart Harragan

The Mulberry Bush provides integrated 38-week and 52-week specialist residential therapeutic care, treatment and education for vulnerable and severely traumatised primary aged children and their families from across England and Wales.   The children struggle with all aspects of mainstream life and require a residential placement, which is evidence of how difficult it has been … Read more

Book review of ‘A Finchden Experience’ (Author Alan Wendelken). By Dr Chris Hanvey

A Finchden Experience.  By Alan Wendelken. It wasn’t a school, it wasn’t a hospital, it was a “third thing”- an “adventure in living” This was the view of George Lyward, the founder and head of the therapeutic community Finchden Manor, from its origins in the 1930’s until its demise in 1974. Alan Wendelken has every … Read more