“On Literature” by Dr Keith White

Thankfully for those of us who live alongside, and try to understand, support and care for children, whether as parents, teachers, counsellors, therapists, or social workers, know that there is a range of sources of knowledge and wisdom available to help us. Such resources are over and above our own intuitions, common sense and experience.  … Read more

Martha Mattingly: A Life to Celebrate; a Legacy to Implement

Dr. Martha Mattingly, Professor Emeritus of Applied Developmental Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, died on February 4, 2013. Martha leaves a legacy which contributed to the development of the Child and Youth Care profession in significant ways. Among her contributions is leadership in writing and implementing the Association of Child and Youth Care Practitioners … Read more

Why Every Child Needs A Mentor

I made a great discovery a little while ago, or at least connected a few dots, that opened my eyes to the power of why every child needs a mentor. I realised that many people are going through traumas emotionally, mentally and spiritually all the time, especially children. This is why I think mentoring is … Read more