Most parents and early years practitioners will be familiar with the tantrum of a child at around the two-year level. It is that developmental period when the child is beginning to understand that life doesn’t revolve around them in the way they previously believed. They want to be able to put on their own clothes, … Read more

The Quiet Revolution

There is a revolution in the Child Care Industry. It isn’t anything new, but its significance will become more apparent in the next few years. It is interesting how trends and legislation affect our views. At one time, this particular aspect of parent-carer alternative was decidedly the poor relation. I am talking about the work … Read more

What Price Child Care?

This is an exciting time to be working in the child care industry. There are suddenly so many challenges, changes and strategies which are either government-led or imposed by economy. I am pleased that there is a regular and constant review of the standards in child care qualifications in the UK. I welcome and endorse … Read more