Jane Elliott : The Little Prisoner

Book Review by Wanda Gibson The Little Prisoner by Jane Elliot is a difficult book to categorise, although it is clearly intended as an autobiographical account of abuse in childhood. Jane Elliott recounts a tale of abuse at the hands of a sadistic step-father and completely ineffectual mother. She and her brother were placed into … Read more

Only Pictures? Therapeutic work with internet sex offenders

Book Review by Steve Lowe The beginning of Only Pictures?: Therapeutic Work with Internet Sex Offenders identifies the struggles in interpreting internet sexual offending when using the established sex offender research and thinking. It was interesting in particular in recognizing the notion of the fragmentation of sexuality and the extent to which, for an offender, … Read more

Sandra Brown : Where There is Evil

Book Review by Wanda Gibson Where There Is Evil is different from most of the other autobiographical accounts of an abusive childhood inasmuch as it was written despite many family members’ protests to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’. Sandra Brown is well known in Scotland for her work as a teacher and champion of abused children. … Read more

Robert C. Carson, James N. Butcher and Susan Mineka Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life

Review by Anna Roble A good panoramic view on a wide range of conditions and abnormalities affecting human behaviour nowadays. A handbook prepared for psychology students, it presents issues relating to psychopathology, psychiatry and emotional abnormalities, yet due to its introductory character and transparent as well educational character, it may address the needs of other … Read more