Remember : May 2007

The Webmag has been going for over seven years now, and we must have published over a thousand articles. Who refers to the musty piles of back numbers of hard copy magazines? The Webmag articles are all there at the touch of the Back Issues button. Modern technology makes them available. But unless you are … Read more

Federation Internationale des Communautes Educatives (FICE) Questions and Answers

What is FICE? FICE is the largest international professional association for people working with children and young people. What does FICE stand for? People have a number of ways of pronouncing the title, but the usual one is fee-say. The literal English translation is the International Federation of Educative Communities, but it is rarely used … Read more

Only Pictures? Therapeutic work with internet sex offenders

Book Review by Steve Lowe The beginning of Only Pictures?: Therapeutic Work with Internet Sex Offenders identifies the struggles in interpreting internet sexual offending when using the established sex offender research and thinking. It was interesting in particular in recognizing the notion of the fragmentation of sexuality and the extent to which, for an offender, … Read more

News Views : May 2007

A mixture of news items, events, comments and whimsies, including a Secretary of State for Families, offending, anti-social behaviour, Alliance for Child Centred Care,  CEIEC, the value of being there, parental alienation and teenage. A Secretary of State for Families We received a Press Release from NCH, which read as follows : In response to … Read more