Restricting children’s liberty – Are we heading for new disasters?

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in secure children’s homes for a number of reasons: some local authorities being forced to close their homes because of a lack of welfare referrals; the publication by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES )of Research Report No 749 Qualitative Study: The Use by Local Authorities … Read more

News Views – Sept 06

A mixture of news items, future events, sales pitches, comments and whimsies, including ACAL, smacking, teenage pregnancies, reporting on Ofsted, shoes, brains, obesity and tennis. Smacking Children Are Unbeatable has been carrying out another campaign to keep their aim of obliterating smacking in the forefront of MPs’ minds. This time it’s been an Early Day … Read more

Do parents and teachers have the right to information which may protect children?

I am a parent, a teacher, a qualified therapist and a child protection specialist. I worked for ChildLine* in its early days; I have also worked with Michelle Elliott at Kidscape*.  I have many years’ experience of the devastation which sexual abuse can wreak on a surviving child-victim and their family but I can only … Read more